Posted by: adeliciousmoment | December 17, 2012

Are you shouting?


Apparently, I’m still learning the Aussie lingo. Just when I think I have finally learned most of the quirky phrases used here in the land down under, my boyfriend hits me with a new one.

We were in a two dollar shop the other day, eyeing up some cheap treats, mainly of the Cadbury variety. I chose one, and then said to Glen, “Why don’t you pick one, too?”

“Are you shouting?” he asked me.

This little question immediately turned the conversation’s direction from a simple offer of candy-buying into me questioning my own sanity.

“Was I?” I asked, looking around the store, nervously.

“Well, I thought you were.” he replied, looking rather confused and put-out.

“I didn’t think I was talking loudly–was I? Oh my God.” I felt like a crazy person, at this point, and I was getting sort of embarrassed.

You see, I have a very quiet speaking voice, most of the time. But, hey, we were talking about chocolate, so I figured it was entirely possible that I got a bit more excited about this topic than necessary.

“Wait…” he paused. “You weren’t yelling.”

“Are we talking about the same thing?” I asked. Then it all clicked. No, of course not. –I mean, we were discussing the same thing, but using slightly different languages.

Then Glen explained to me that “Are you shouting?” is slang for “Are you paying for it?” or “Is it your treat?” For example, he said, someone might say “I’ll shout you a beer.” when offering to buy a mate a bottle at a pub.

Just when I thought I was losing my mind, I realized that I only needed to learn another Australian phrase. Then I bought my man a bar of Cherry Ripe, and a Crunchy bar for myself, and all was well in our little universe, once again.


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