Posted by: adeliciousmoment | September 21, 2012

A visit from a Beardie Weirdy

We had a very unusual visitor at our place today. After we had our morning tea, I was tidying up in the kitchen when I heard my boyfriend Glen call out to me “Quick! Quick! QUICK! QUICK! QUICK!” which I took to mean I’d better run into the lounge to see something before it got away.

A rather large lizard was pacing back and forth and hitting his paw against our front window. He was sitting on the outside window ledge, and frantically banging against the glass, for some strange reason. Glen and I were amazed to see such a creature in our midst, and we were even more amazed to see how frantic he seemed. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots of the scaly critter. This was definitely a memorable “You know you’re in Australia when…” moment!


The lizard puffed his neck up when he saw us lift the curtain to take some photos of him. Then he sat still for a couple of minutes, and checked us out, as we did the same from behind the glass. After that, he calmed down and sunned himself for a bit. But then he started to pace again, and paw at the window.


Glen and I began to wonder what kind of lizard we had on our hands, and why he was behaving so frantically. We did a Google search to answer our questions, and found out that our new friend was most likely a bearded dragon of some sort, which would be native to this area. (See links at the bottom of the post for more info on bearded dragons.)

Then we started wondering if the lizard might be someone’s lost pet. After debating our options for finding out about that possibility (like, put him in a box and ask around the neighborhood, to see if he belongs to anyone), we decided that the fact that these lizards are native to the area was a good indication that he was simply lost, not a lost pet.


We still didn’t know why he was madly pacing back and forth and banging on the window. A little more researching online told us that these lizards will often attack their own reflection (much like our former pets, budgies Alex and Rosina, would do while looking into the tiny mirror hanging in their cage). We figured we should go outside and test this theory out. Yes, indeed, the lizard could clearly see his own reflection in the window. Case closed.


The beardie weirdy must have had quite a battle going on with himself there on the windowsill. Eventually, he slipped away, after the stand-off with his reflection came to a draw.

We may not be allowed to have pets in our rental unit, but we certainly are not lacking in wildlife to keep us company!

That reminds me, I haven’t even told you about the deadly brown snake I found coiled up in the garden hose one evening. Let’s just say that the phrase “Back away slowly” never seemed more timely.

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