Posted by: adeliciousmoment | June 22, 2012

Appliance Lust

I’ve got a case of appliance lust–or, I did, until last week, when my deep desire for a new washing machine and clothes dryer was sated.

If you have been reading this blog  for a while (I know this only applies to my boyfriend, Glen, and my Aunt Marj–hi guys! love you!), then you may recall my post about doing laundry old-school style, when I whined a bit about having to adopt the Australian practice of hanging the laundry out on the line to dry. Since then, I’ve gotten much more used to drying laundry outside, and figuring out how to dry it in various ways indoors, when necessary. (Notice, I did not say that I’ve been enjoying this practice, only getting used to it.)

I understand how great it is to save water, electricity, and money (especially that last one), but, honestly, sometimes I just want to have the convenience of throwing my laundry in the machine, whenever I feel like it, knowing that it will turn out all right. Modern American life has spoiled me, I know. I’m not the kinda gal who enjoys planning her entire day around doing laundry. Call me crazy, but that is just not my style. Planning my whole day around food–now that is another story! Oh, don’t get me started on food… I love food (who doesn’t, right?). I can often be found obsessively collecting recipes on Pinterest, and plotting my next attempt at a new dish, with varying results, of course.

Anyway, back to my new-found desires… Last winter was when my appliance lust kicked in full-force. Rainy cold days inspired a longing in me to have a clothes dryer, to put an end to hanging damp clothes and towels all over the house, to never set foot in a laundromat again. The fact that our old washing machine took two-and-a-half hours to complete the wash cycle did not help matters. I dreaded each day’s weather report, calling for cooler temps and longer rainy spells. Every time I took a chance and hung my laundry outside, it seems, Mother Nature laughed in my face, pouring down rain, ruining a hard day’s work. (Cue overly-dramatic music…) How I longed to be free from the tyranny of laundry!

Finally, my longing has abated. Last week, we got a new washer and dryer, thanks to a great sale at Harvey Norman. The day those machines were delivered into our little laundry room was one of the happiest in recent memory. Now, when I look outside and see it is pouring rain, I just smile a serene smile, knowing my laundry will be safe and warm inside. What a glorious feeling! I am free at last.

Just so you know, I do plan to hang the laundry outside as often as possible. I may adore our new washer and dryer, but I’m not going to rack up sky-high electricity bills, just for the pleasure of convenience. I’m simply glad to have the option, when I need it, of drying laundry inside. Nothing compares to the freshness of sheets hung outside in the sunshine.

Another plus to getting new machines is that we are saving water and electricity, because the washer and dryer we chose have pretty good eco-efficiency ratings. I’m even saving more by doing all the dishes by hand, since there is no longer enough space for the dishwasher to be in the laundry room. (Win some, lose some, I guess.) Last but not least, we have switched to laundry detergent that is phosphate and cruelty free. It feels good…  as good as warm clothes straight from the dryer!

Now, if only washers and dryers could come in pink, blue, aqua, and yellow, like in these vintage 1950s ads. I’d have a pink set, along with a matching pink floral apron. Wow, all of this talk of laundry is working up my appetite! I think I’ll go bake a batch of cookies.


P.S. I just thought I’d mention a few little differences in laundry-doing that I’ve noticed here in the land of Oz. First of all, dryer sheets are unheard of here. Instead, liquid fabric softener is used to combat stiff and static-ridden laundry. Secondly, dryers do not vent to the outside of the house, therefore one must open a window in the laundry room to let the steam out. The condensation still covers the walls and everything, which I’m finding a wee bit annoying. I’m kind of wishing that we’d sprung for a condenser dryer. Oh well. Thirdly, most laundry rooms allow just enough space for one machine, not two (since many people here do not use dryers). Luckily, we were able to stack our machines, since they are front-loading styles.



  1. I can so relate to this, in a way. At my last apartment I didn’t have a washer and dryer. I went to a friend’s and my parent’s to do laundry! It was such a pain. I had a dishwasher at my last place too. So convenient! However, it’s the opposite in my current appartment. Such luxury to have the washer and dryer but I have to do dishes by hand (which I hate).
    It’s interesting what our priorities end up being without certain appliances!
    Take care KIm!

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting, Michelle! It’s good to hear from you.

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