Posted by: adeliciousmoment | January 22, 2012

This is how we roll

Our new place has a feature which I had never seen before my arrival to Australia: roller shutters. This ingenious contraption serves two very helpful purposes, security and sun-blocking. In the States, as far as I am aware of, roller shutters are not used. But here in Oz, they seem to be quite popular.

When I first encountered them here, I was not sure about what I was seeing. I worked out that they were some sort of shutters, but I had to ask Glen to explain how they work. The shutters are made of rows of metal, and they roll up inside a casing above the outside of the windows. There is a switch near the window, on the inside of the home, to operate them. You can put them up or down, or anywhere in between.

Roller shutters are most often used on the front of a home. They would seem to be more useful if they were used to cover every window of a home, since most criminals do not break in through the front, right? But, I guess most people want to save money, so they just use them on the front windows.

I must admit, I think that roller shutters are rather ugly to look at. The shutter in the above photo is more attractive than most I have seen. Roller shutters are often a contrasting colour to the exterior, and striped. I like the one shown above much better, because it looks more seamless, in relation to the design of the home.

Despite their lack of beauty, I have come to appreciate roller shutters, after having used the ones on our new rental place for the last month and a half. I feel more secure when they are down, which is obviously a good feeling. And they really are useful on hot days, because they block out the sun and heat very effectively.

In fact, today the temp is around 38C/ 100F, and we have the roller shutters down, other than a very small opening at the bottom of the one in the living room, to allow a little sunlight into the room (having no natural light inside does get a bit depressing). Glen and I like them so much, we are considering installing them on all of the windows, when we build a house.

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  1. The best part of this is “when we build a house”. Nesting! Together! I love it. Bless you both, I am looking forward to years more of news of your happy life together.

  2. 🙂

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