Posted by: adeliciousmoment | December 15, 2011

The eagle has landed

I’m back in beautiful Adelaide, Australia, at long last. Needless to say, Glen and I are very happy to be reunited, and we have been enjoying every minute we can share.

My trip from Cleveland to Adelaide was an especially long journey, this time. I had a couple of rather long layovers, one in San Francisco and one in Sydney. The flights all went smoothly, and I slept quite a bit on the 15-hour flight across the ocean. I felt much more prepared for the trip than I did last year. I’ve gotten used to navigating my way through busy airports, and going through all the security gates, customs, etc. There’s a lot of waiting in line involved, and waiting in airport lounges. Trying to stay alert, while jet-lagged, was the most challenging part of the journey, for me. Once I was on the plane flying from Sydney to Adelaide, I knew I was in the home stretch, and I took a nice nap.

Since arriving back in Adelaide, I’ve been organizing my things, in our new apartment, and catching up with Glen’s family. Both of his daughters have their birthdays in December, and of course there is Christmas coming up. So we have a lot of social family events going on this month. Last Saturday, we had a little party for Glen’s eldest daughter’s 10th birthday. She had baked her own cake, and we provided some snacks. That day, I got to meet Glen’s sister, for the first time, which was very nice. The entire day went very well, and the birthday girl seemed to be quite happy. Now we are trying to get some Christmas shopping done, and plan holiday meals.

I caught some kind of cold or sinus infection or something, apparently, on my travels. I’ve been rather sick for the last week and a half. Other than that, all is well, and I’m so looking forward to enjoying summer with the love of my life–and much much more.

One more thing, Glen and I got an ice cream maker, which has already brought us a good deal of pleasure. We have made two batches of ice cream so far, the first being vanilla, and the second being strawberry. Both turned out to be delicious. The strawberry is incredibly rich and creamy, and the taste of fresh in-season strawberries is fantastic. We are planning to make another batch of strawberry, as well as a batch of hazelnut ice cream, to have on Christmas day.

(Photo above is of me and Glen in front of a jacaranda tree, at Angaston, South Australia, a favourite town in the Barossa wine region)


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