Posted by: adeliciousmoment | August 20, 2011

Back in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Well…after a very long flight, multiple airport confusions, and a 13-hour layover in Chicago, I arrived back home in Ohio. Flying from Sydney, Australia, to Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., including all the stops in-between, takes about 23 hours of travel time. It has been about a week since I got back, and I’m just now starting to feel my body clock readjusting. Jet lag is a bitch. It took me a while to be able to sleep at night.

Going from winter to summer was a pleasant change, which is what happened when I went to Australia. Then, I went from seeing fluffy white snow to seeing the brilliant purple petals of blossoming jacaranda trees. On this trip, I’ve gone from seeing cherry blossoms and rain to seeing lush green trees and sunshine. Spring is just around the corner in Australia, while autumn is approaching in America. Lovely, in both places.

It is good to be back home, to see my family, friends, and kitty cat. I’m also enjoying being able to have some of my favorite snacks and comfort foods, which are unavailable in Oz, like Bob Evans sausages, Cocoa Pebbles cereal, and Little Debbie snack cakes. It’s great to see familiar sights, like the variety of trees we have here in the Midwest, lovely wildflowers, and traditional American home styles. It’s wonderful to hear local bird songs, including my favorite, the mourning dove’s low plaintive call. Another thing I’m loving about being back in the U.S. is much lower prices on goods and food. I can finally get all of my favorite toiletries, and I don’t have to pay a small fortune for them. One more great thing is being able to use American-size teaspoons (see my Spoon Confusion post, for explanation).

Some rather odd things about being back home, after having lived abroad for a little while, are: feeling like a foreigner in my hometown (I felt that way for years, but this is different), driving on the right-hand side of the road feeling weird for a few days, everything looking familiar yet strange at the same time, and catching myself using Aussie slang, and feeling self-conscious about it (I doubt anyone notices).

Of course, being apart from the love of my life is really tough. Glen and I are doing our best to feel connected to one another, chatting on webcam morning and evening, and plotting out the next phase of our life together. Our situation could hardly get more complicated, it seems.

While staying here with my family, I will be applying for a visa to return to Australia, as Glen’s partner. I’m looking for a part-time job in town, so I can save up some money, before going back. And I’ll sort out what’s left of my belongings, and send them to Australia.

I’m hoping the visa application will be approved sooner than later, and that our plans will go on as we would like. So much seems beyond our control, but we are trying to be positive and take things one day at a time.

(Photo is of me and Casper, my beloved cat, reunited)


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