Posted by: adeliciousmoment | August 8, 2011

Time flies…

heart graffiti at Fairport Harbor, Ohio

In a few short days, I will be back home in Ohio, visiting my family. I can hardly believe that I’ve been in Australia, with Glen, for nearly eight months! It seems as if I have been living here for a year or two. Glen and I have had such a wonderful time together, starting anew–a new life, a happy life full of love and simple joys.

It really will be lovely to see my family and my kitty cat, Casper. Of course, being apart from Glen is going to be tough…again. We’ll get through this separation, without a doubt. We are hoping that this will be the last time we’ll have to endure being 10,000 miles apart from one another.

As much as I had anticipated a huge life change being centered around living in a foreign country, I must say, that part of the journey has been pretty easy. America and Australia are remarkably alike. Just little differences in cultural attitudes, words, foods, etc. have changed, in my daily life. And slightly more difficult things, like learning to drive on the opposite side of the road, of course.

Really, learning to be a step-mum has been the biggest shift, for me. It has been great meeting Glen’s family, especially getting to know his two beautiful little girls. I will miss those kiddos.

I hope the next few months go by swiftly, and that our plans for the next phase will go as smoothly as possible.


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