Posted by: adeliciousmoment | July 28, 2011


our budgies

(Ok, not the most clever title, but I tried.)

We got our first pets, two budgies. That’s short for “budgerigar”, by the way. (See Budgies are members of the parrot family, and they make great pets. Or so I am told. Ours don’t really seem to want to have anything to do with us, other than accept our humble offerings of food, water, and fresh newspaper. They seem quite content to groom each other, chirp at the birds outside, and fight over their toys. I can’t say I blame them. Glen and I are kind of like that ourselves, being quite happy to focus on us, and perhaps rather rather anti-social, at times. Peas and pods, as they say.

We have a blue boy and a green girl budgie. Alex and Rosena are their names, after former tenants of the house we rent. We still get mail for the mystery couple. At Christmas, we opened all of their holiday cards and displayed them, alongside our own, on the mantle. We developed a story about them, which got more and more convoluted and exotic over time. We knew we had to name our budgies after them.

Every day, I put my hand in the bird cage, for a little longer each time. The budgies no longer fly about and squawk at me like mad when I do this. They just go to the highest point in the cage and stare at me, like “Do you mind? This is our house. You really are much too big to be in here with us, you know.” Maybe sometime they will land on my finger, and maybe even like the way it feels.

The other day, Alex got out. He flew all over the living room and kitchen, bashing his head against walls, trying desperately to escape. It was painful to watch. Eventually, Glen carefully captured him in a box, and put him back in the cage.

I’ve never had birds as pets before. This is new territory for me. The budgies are awfully cute to watch, if nothing else. They seem happy. I guess time will tell if they will befriend us human-shaped animals.


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