Posted by: adeliciousmoment | July 8, 2011

A bakery in every town

One of the things I love best about Australia is that every town has a bakery–or two or three, or more. It is a national Aussie past-time to stop by your favorite local bakery for a pie or pasty, or a sweet treat. And don’t forget to wash down your goodies with some FUIC, aka Farmers Union Iced Coffee!

Glen and I are lucky enough to live around the corner from a famous South Australian bakery (I would tell you the name, but then you might come to our house, and steal our supply of iced coffee). I have enjoyed my fair share of meat pies, sausage rolls, and various other baked delicacies, while staying in Oz. I think, if pressed to choose my favorite, I would say I like angus beef and cheese pies best.

Never one to shy away from sweets, I’ve been especially grateful for the offerings at the Lyndoch Bakery. I had an absolutely amazing cherry danish there, one morning, when Glen and I stopped by for a snack, before we headed out for a drive through the Barossa wine region. There is something special about being able to devour a sticky sweet pastry while sitting on a park bench, overlooking grapevines and hills. I just love it here.



  1. sounds dreamy

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