Posted by: adeliciousmoment | June 24, 2011

Talkin’ like an Aussie

I have to admit, since meeting Glen, and especially since coming to Australia, to be with him, I have begun to talk a little differently. No, I haven’t adopted some weird pseudo-Aussie accent–and, believe me, I doubt I ever will. That just seems fake. But I have picked up a handful of words and phrases from the Aussie vernacular, including:

G’Day! (really, I only say this when it is said to me first)

rubbish (garbage)

trolley (shopping cart)

nutter (crazy person)

petrol (gasoline)

bloody (as in, “It is bloody hot today.”)

bloody hell (“Bloody hell! It’s hot today.”)

thanks (used at the end of sentences, in the way Americans use the word “please”)

funny, that (one of my favorite Glen-isms)

boot (car trunk, I just think it sounds cuter)

kinda thing (used frequently, as a general descriptive phrase, such as “you know, they have that Seventies soundtrack kinda thing playing every time I shop there”)

brekky (breakfast, again, just sounds cuter)

posty (postal carrier, yet another cute word–in fact, Aussies love to abbreviate common words and add an “o” or “y” at the end, to make it sound more endearing)

rego (car registration)

morning and afternoon tea (official snack times–love it! any excuse to have some Farmers Union Iced Coffee and TimTams is fine by me)

prawns (shrimp)

…and various other food words, which could easily take up a whole new blog entry!

“It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual.” (a very popular phrase from the hit Aussie TV show “Kath & Kim”, which Glen and I have watched in its entirety–it is painfully funny!)

Well, I guess that sums up my favorite new lingo.


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