Posted by: adeliciousmoment | May 17, 2011

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth

I know I haven’t blogged here in a while (three months, wow)… Don’t worry, all is well. Life is good. In fact, life is so good that I’ve been rather lazy when it comes to online communication. I guess I have been so busy settling into my life here in Australia that I’ve been forgetting about the virtual sphere. I hope you will forgive me for being so damn happy.

I really feel at home here now. I’ve been in Oz for five months, and I’ve got to say, I love it here. The warm climate definitely suits me. Having said that, I must add that the temps have been dropping lately, since we are now into autumn, and approaching winter.

For a while, I had trouble believing that autumn was happening, since there is very little color change going on around here. Occasionally, I see an elm or maple tree or something like that, turning yellow or red, which makes me sigh and want to see more of such brilliant colors. The native gum trees keep their leaves year-round. They are the dominate species here. I’ll admit, I miss the autumn colors of Ohio. I don’t miss the ice and snow, though. Not one bit.

Anyway, I’m rambling… I meant to write about gardening.

Now that I live in a place which has a garden, and I have time to spend attending to green growing things, I have fallen in love with gardening. I’ve always considered myself a nature-lover, enjoying hiking and simply observing the seasons, in all their glory. But I’d never had a garden before. I have had a tiny balcony “garden”, with pots of various things, and I used to grow pots of herbs, like basil and oregano, each summer, in a sunny room in my apartment. For a couple of years, I had a flower bed and small patch of lawn. That is about all the green space I’ve ever had around me. While living in these garden-less abodes, I would spend countless hours poring over gardening books from the library, daydreaming of having a garden of my own. The time has come to garden, at last–not to have a garden of my own, just a bit of rented property, which I’m fortunate enough to share with the love of my life.

Glen and I are both novices, when it comes to gardening. Together, we are trying to learn how to grow things which suit where we live, and, so far, we seem to be doing all right. Sure, our lawn could be greener, our veggie patch could yield more bounty, and some of the flowers we planted never bloomed. But we are learning quite a bit through our experiences, and we are truly enjoying our efforts.

Gardening is hard work, first of all. In my garden daydreams, I envisioned having an abundance of beautiful flowers, a serene oasis to escape to, a place of pleasure and calm. I had no idea that creating such a soothing oasis would involve back-breaking labor, tedious weeding, and endless watering–not to mention the heartbreak one may feel when a beloved plant dies, or fails to blossom. A garden requires attention every day, in order to thrive.

To be fair, I must say that Glen does the really heavy stuff, including anything to do with power tools. He mows the lawn with an old-school push mower–non-electric, that is, while I do most of the planting, watering, and weeding. Glen’s daughters also like to help out with gardening duties sometimes, when they visit us. It’s a great way for a family to work together on something, and see the results, over time. Glen and I really get excited about what we are planting. All in all, we are finding gardening is one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done.

I’ll post more about gardening, no doubt. This is one subject I’m just beginning to explore….

Stay tuned!

(The above photo is of our seedlings, growing on a kitchen windowsill, alongside seashells I’ve collected, from our trips to local beaches.)



  1. Glad to hear from you. Have been wondering how things are going. You sound very happy, and that’s a good thing. Have fun with the gardening, and I know what you mean about the work of doing one. It seems so easy but it’s not!! We’re still dealing with a very wet spring. It’s 46 degrees here today, and it’s the middle of May for crying out loud!! I have a feeling it’s going to be a very very hot humid summer! Take care and please do post more often when you can.
    love, aunt marj

  2. Thanks, Aunt Marj! Hope it warms up soon in Ohio. May is my favorite month there, with all the flowering trees and spring bulbs blossoming.

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