Posted by: adeliciousmoment | February 4, 2011

Here, there, and everywhere

Back in the States, I took it for granted that I could do most of my usual shopping in one or two stores, maybe three stores max. Big stores there carry just about everything you can think of. While this type of store makes shopping simpler and easier for the consumer, it also tends to prevent smaller shops from thriving.

Here in South Australia, things are a little different. There are no huge chain stores. Instead, the shops are smaller, and each store carries a certain range of products. Restrictions are placed on stores, to limit them from becoming shopping behemoths. Therefore smaller businesses are protected.

What this means for the consumers is that we must go to several different shops to find everything we’d like to buy. Glen and I often find ourselves going to three or four stores in one day just to get our groceries, toiletries, household goods, etc. Basically, different types of stores carry different types of things. Grocery stores do not sell alcohol. One must purchase alcohol at a bottle shop. Medicines are only sold at pharmacies. What is especially odd to me is that toiletries and cosmetics are very difficult to find. Some grocery stores may carry a few basic toiletries, but the majority of cosmetics are sold in specialty shops–and they cost double what I am used to paying in the U.S.

On a not-quite-related note, something about shopping around town that I think is cute is the “blip blip blip” sound that the cross-walk machines make. I don’t really know how to explain this, but it makes crossing the street more fun, and it is helpful to have an alert sound letting you know when it’s ok to walk.



  1. That kind of shopping use to exist here too. When the malls and the Wallmart type stores took over, that all changed. Conneaut would be a thriving community if it could be like that again!! I remember a card shop, dress shops (3 or 4), shoes store, hardware, drugstores, grocery, restaurants, and 5 and dime stores–and I’m not that old!!!
    Aunt Marj
    PS–do you have Skype?

    • I remember Conneaut having a bunch of small shops, too, back when I was a kid. It would be great to see that again.

      No, I’m not on Skype, but I’ve thought about trying it. I’m on Gmail, which has voice and video chat.

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