Posted by: adeliciousmoment | February 4, 2011

ABBA moments

ABBA was hugely popular in Australia back in the 70s, as you probably know. Being a disco fan since around age 5, when I would watch “Solid Gold” and dance around the living room imitating the disco stars featured, I can appreciate the swell of love for ABBA here in the land of Oz.

I had an ABBA moment the other day. While browsing at the local Salvation Army shop, I heard three ABBA songs in a row. It seemed to be quite an appropriate place to hear ABBA, since most of the goods there were from the disco era.

This morning I had another ABBA moment. While sipping a glass of Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee (the strong stuff, which I’m utterly addicted to), I turned on the TV and watched the Adelaide channel’s video montage of local places, which they play early in the morning, before regular programming resumes. The soundtrack included “Waterloo”.

What next? Will I hear “Dancing Queen” at a local supermarket? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.


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