Posted by: adeliciousmoment | January 19, 2011

Finally got to see kangaroos!

I had been hoping to see some kangaroos, and my wish has finally come true! On my birthday, Glen and I went for a drive in the Barossa region, to watch the sunset. As we were driving back home, I looked over and saw a couple of kangaroos feeding on the side of the road. I was so excited! Glen pulled the car over, so we could get a closer look at them. Then we saw a few more, and they saw us, too. They started hopping away, but a few of them stayed where they were, luckily for us. I took a few photos, but they all turned out very blurry. The above photo shows a mama kangaroo and her baby joey hiding behind her. Just after this photo was taken, the joey tried to get in the mama’s pouch, but she wouldn’t let him get in (he looked a bit too big to be doing that!). Then they hopped away through the field. When we left, I was giggling and clapping like a little kid, I was so happy! That really made my day.


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