Posted by: adeliciousmoment | January 5, 2011

Green bags, everybody’s doing it

Here in South Australia, green bags (aka reusable bags) are the standard, not the exception. A law banning single-use plastic bags was passed here in 2009. Stores face fines if they distribute such bags. Many stores do not provide any other types of bags for their customers to use. The stores which do provide bags offer reusable ones, and charge a nominal fee, like twenty cents per bag. So, if you forget to bring your own bags, you have to carry your purchases out the door, sans bag, or buy new reusable ones, from the store.

In the United States, using green bags is becoming more and more popular, but not to the extent that I see going on here in SA. I think this is a fantastic trend, to help to reduce waste in our environment. I hope to see more places adopting the practice of using green bags.

(Photo shows my favorite green bag, which I brought from the U.S. I love the little birdies!)


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