Posted by: adeliciousmoment | December 30, 2010


In case you’ve been wondering (in case anyone is actually reading this blog)–I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that I forgot about it. But, no, I have not forgotten about this blog, I have just been too busy living life to stop and write about how things are going. I have so much to say, I’m not sure where to begin!

I’ll just start with a list of things which are different here, like daily life sorts of things:

– Bird songs are exotic to me, songs I’ve never heard.

– There are switches on electrical outlets, to save power (good idea!). You have to switch on the outlet you are using, before turning an appliance on, for example.

– People walk on the left, just like they drive.

– Riding on the left side of the car is very scary, at first! It took me about a week to stop having mild panic attacks, from my gut instinct telling me that everything looks backwards.

– The metric system is used here, of course, which I have yet to learn. I’ve put up a little chart on the fridge, to help myself learn how to do conversions.

– Saving water is a major issue here, in the dry climate. I grew up on Lake Erie, a huge freshwater lake in Ohio, so this is a very new concept for me. I’m trying to take shorter showers, and things like that. We have a rain water collection tank in the backyard, which helps. We use that water for the garden.

– Kilojoules, not calories, are posted on food labels. I have no idea what that means yet.

– Everyone says “How are you/ we going?” rather than “How are you doing?”

– Everyone (and I do mean everyone, even the customs officials at the airport) says “No worries” about everything. It’s truly the national slogan.

– Roundabouts are all over the place. Glen says they are used to slow down traffic flow. I think they seem rather confusing and dangerous, but I’m getting used to them (at least, as a passenger–I have not attempted to drive here yet!).

– Many things cost double the amount which I’m used to paying in the States, like toiletries and makeup. I’m so glad I stocked up on as many items as I could, before coming here. I’m going to check eBay for my hair dye and a couple other things, though. Might find some bargains there.

– Cheddar is not orange. It is a pale yellow, the cheese’s natural color. Most foods here contain fewer additives than they have in the States, such as food dyes and the like. A healthier, more natural approach to eating is popular here, which I find refreshing.

– People often assume I’m Canadian, not American. I guess that is because Canada, being a member of the British Commonwealth, has a lot in common with Australia.

Well…I could go on and on, as you may imagine. I will write again soon. (I swear!) I will also post some photos, too.

(The above photo was taken at the Sydney airport, when I arrived there.)


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