Posted by: adeliciousmoment | December 8, 2010

Indulging in food faves before I go

Before leaving the U.S., I’m making sure to enjoy some favorite foods, which Glen says are not available in Australia. Sure, some of these foods probably exist, under different brand names, in Oz. But others, I know, simply cannot be found, such as breakfast sausage links as good as Bob Evans makes. Glen liked them so much when he was here, he has been scheming to think of ways to make or find something equally as tasty.

This is not to say that Australia is lacking in great food–surely, that is not the case at all. I’m looking forward to trying popular foods like pavlova, vanilla slices, and crumpets. Also, I’m a huge fan of TimTams, and I’m excited to try the many flavors available there.

Here are some favorite foods I’m indulging in, before I leave:


Bob Evans sausage links

half & half (I plan to make my own version, with cream and milk)

Starbucks mochas and Frappuccinos

Chipotle chicken soft tacos

McDonald’s mushroom and swiss angus burgers

Little Debbie Swiss Rolls

Rosemary Triscuits

California Chardonnay

Hershey’s Kisses

Ghirardelli “Evening Dream” dark chocolate bars



  1. Just found a sweet store on the main street that stocks Hershey’s.. šŸ™‚

  2. Yea! šŸ™‚

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